Chandi Ka Rate Today 2023 1 Gram, 10 Gram, 1KG

Some females are interested in Chandi Jewelry so that’s why everyone searches Chandi Ka Rate Today 2023 for 1 Gram “INR 67” | 8 Gram “INR 539” | 10 Gram “INR 674” | 100 Gram “INR 6740”, and 1 KG “INR 67400”. All products that are made with Chandi material are lightweight and massive strength of women’s just use Chandi for jewelry. Most importantly, in India at every home Chandi-made crockery is used. That’s why it demand is high and on a daily basis audiences look Chandi price in India 2023 today.

Gram Price
1 Gram INR 67.4
8 Gram INR 539.2
10 Gram INR 674
100 Gram INR 6740
1 KG INR 67400

आज चांदी का भाव: भारत में आज चांदी की वर्तमान कीमत

Across India, Chandi price of 1 KG is not the same. It depends on cities because in small cities 1 KG chandi rate is high while in big city chandi rate is a bit low. Actually, in Big cities, more than one person is working and even in some places a proper market exists that just trades Chandi.

“1 KG Silver Price in India”

City Weight 1 KG
Bangalore INR 69000
Chennai INR 73100
Delhi INR 70700
Hyderabad INR 73100
Mumbai INR 70700

Chandi Ka Rate Today

1 Gram Silver Price in India Today

At this time in India, 1 Gram silver cost is “INR 67”. But we are not sure if this price will exist on the next day because the Silver price is connected with the stock market. When a new day starts then new price is released from the stock market.

1 Gram Chandi Rate Today INR 67

10 Gram Silver Price in India

Today price of 10 grams of silver is “INR 674“. All Chandi sellers are buying and selling at this rate because it has been issued by the government of India.

10 Gram Chandi Price 674 Indian Rupees

In every house in India the usage ratio of Chandi is high even in some big restaurants they use silver-made crockery. This is the basic point of its demand. On a daily basis, prices of Chandi are updated in the market and you can collect them from this platform.

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