Limousine Car Price in India 2023

Right now everybody seeking luxury car prices in India. First time in India, a Limousine vehicle has come but it has been imported not locally assembled. After import Limousine Car Price in India 2023 is INR 11 Million. The outer body of this car is much bigger because its length is high. So, basically due to the high length this is famous across the world and at the same time around 10 to 15 people easily sit in this car. Moreover, a 4.2L engine is installed with a horsepower of 230hp while it is 6 cylinders.

Limousine Car Price in India 2023

Right now, the approximate price of a Limousine Car price in India 2023 is INR 11,00,0000. People want to know it is applied for the condition so it is available in a used condition not brand new.

Limousine Car Price in India INR 11,00,0000

Limousine Car Price in India


“Limousine Engine Specifications”

Due to the big size body, people seeking engine type, and how many Cc engine has been installed? All basic details that are necessary to know for every buy are listed below.

Engine Type Naturally-aspirated petrol
Displacement 4235 Cc
Horsepower 230 bhp
Fuel Supply 2 SU carbs
Fuel Type Petrol
No Of Cylinders 6
Torque 308 Nm
Ignition N/A

“Limousine Transmission”

Gearbox 3 speed automatic
Transmission Type Automatic

“Limousine Fuel Consumption”

The engine of a Limousine car is not fuel efficient so that’s why its fuel average is not good. Under one liter of petrol, they give 6 to 8 km mileage.

Limousine Average 6 to 8 KM

This vehicle is mostly used on special occasions because you can not use it in daily routine and it is not easy to drive on local roads due to high traffic. Moreover, the Limousine interior is much more faboluous because the company inserted many features and options which is not available in other vehicles.

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