Accoland Water Park Guwahati Ticket Price 2023 Timing, Location

Children seeking enjoyment in the park during hot weather can find solace at Accoland Park, renowned for its plethora of water rides. The 2023 ticket prices reflect a weekday rate of “INR 770” for both men and women, with a reduced fee of “INR 670” for children. On Saturdays and holidays, the entrance fee is “INR 800” for adults and “INR 700” for kids. Sundays witness a slightly higher tariff, with charges set at “INR 850” for young individuals and “INR 750” for children. Accoland Park thus stands as an optimal destination for youthful recreation during the scorching summer months.

Accoland Water Park Guwahati Ticket Price 2023

Accoland Park’s admission fees vary based on the day of the week and whether it is a Saturday, other national holidays, or Sunday. It is imperative for patrons to diligently verify the specific ticket details corresponding to their intended day of visitation to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

Ticket Type Monday to Friday Saturday & Holiday Sunday
Kids Rs. 670 Rs. 700 Rs. 750
Gents & Ladies Rs. 770 Rs. 800 Rs. 850

Accoland Water Park Guwahati

Location and Address

In light of its widespread popularity, there is a notable demand among patrons to access the precise geographical coordinates of the Accoland Water Park via Google Maps. If you have an interest in visiting Accoland Water Park and require information regarding its location, the park is situated in Guwahati City in close proximity to the BSF Headquarters.

Address Accoland is situated near Guwahati, Assam

Entry and Exit Time

The park operates from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM. You are welcome to visit at any time during these hours.

Open Time 10:00 AM
Exit Time 06:00 PM

Contact Number

A contact number is mandatory for individuals intending to visit the park and procure tickets in advance. Furthermore, given the diverse ticket pricing, it is advisable for patrons to verify such details via telephone communication.

Helpline Number 99541 71224

With a single ticket, patrons gain access to various sections within the park, encompassing the Water Park, Amusement Park, and the exhilarating activities section. Specifically tailored for children, this venue offers a diverse range of water and recreational activities. Moreover, the current pricing details for Accoland Water Park in Guwahati for the year 2023 are readily accessible.

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