Yacht Price in India 2023 Majesty 66, 155, Nomad 55

Two regions of India where Yacht demand rapidly increasing day by day are Mumbai and Goa. Both are beautiful places and people like Yacht rides. So, some richest personalities asking for a Yacht Price in India 2023 which is given below.

  • Small Yacht: INR 2 Crore to INR 3 Crore
  • Mid-Size Yacht: INR 5 Crore to INR 30 Crore
  • Large Yacht: INR 70 Crore
  • Custom Yacht: 700 Crore

Basically, a Yacht looks like a ship but it is too luxurious. People have a good time at parties and events, and it is filled with different facilities. Even on some Yachts, swimming pools are available for swimming but now the trend has changed especially in India people who afford like and are interested in owning their Yachts. Moreover, Top Yacht models and their prices are also discussed below.

Yacht Price in India 2023

Interested people are unaware of Yacht market rates in India. Right now, 5 different types of Affordable Yacht options in India are available which are luxury and beautiful. Moreover, some yachts are big and some small so prices depend on Yachts size and facilities.

Inland Passenger Vessel Catamaran INR 6,00,00,000
ORANGYACHT Custom Yachts INR 1,50,00,000
White RA-CRUISER INR 1,50,00,000
Lamborghini Boat Yacht INR 26,54,61,280
Luxury Catamaran Yacht INR 3,00,00,000

Yacht Price in India

Majesty 66 Yacht Price in India

The most famous Yacht is Majesty 66 because its exterior design is unique as well as its different facilities first time introduced on this Yacht. For parties and other social interactions with friends, this is best, and people who rent out a Yacht now seeking its price which is approx INR 3 Crore.

Majesty 66 Yacht Price INR 3,000,0000
People Capacity 25
Cabin 4
Length 67 Feet

Majesty 66 Yacht Price in India

Majesty 155 Yacht Price in India

The most luxurious vehicle is the Majesty 155 Yacht because of each and every type of facility available on this ship. Its interior area and outer size are much wider and this availability in India is not easy. A special type of engine installed that runs as well as a swimming pool is available on this Yacht.

Majesty 155 Yacht Price INR 25 Crore
Engine 390 T
Fuel Capacity 15260 Gal
Generators 2 x 125 Kw

Majesty 155 Yacht Price in India

Luxury Yacht Price List in India

Many richest people now living in India are interested in buying their Yachts and finding Luxury Yacht price lists in India. Fresh updated prices of luxury Yacht are written above but the most expensive Yacht price is INR 700 Crore exists in major cities of India.

Luxury Yacht Price INR 700,000,0000

Small Yacht Price in India

Two small yachts are available in India which model name and prices are listed in the table. In addition, the Small Yacht price in India is approx INR 20 Million.

ORANGYACHT Custom Yachts INR 2,00,00,000
White RA-CRUISER INR 2,00,00,000

Yacht Starting Price in India

Now one knows the starting price of a Yacht which is INR 2 Crore. Then specs and features will increase definitely it prices will automatically rise.

Yacht Starting Price INR 2 Crore

Nomad 55 Yacht Price in India

Nomad is a type of Yacht but it does not exist in India. People who afford and easily import from another country now ask for a price that is INR 2 Crore. In addition, it is fully luxury and its outer shape is too unique which does not match other yachts.

Nomad 55 Yacht Price in INR INR 2,000,0000

All complete details about Yacht Price in India 2023 are discussed as well as people who do not see all the images available. All Yacht buying costs in India are different, not the same. So, at the time of buy must check the specs and features.

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