Private Jet Price in India 2023

What is the real cost of a Private Jet in India? this question comes to every mind but nobody knows about them. The latest Private Jet Price in India 2023 is multiple because it depends on models and specs.

  • CJ3+: INR 647,000,000
  • XLS+: INR 989,000,000
  • Sovereign+: INR 1,369,000,000
  • Cirrus Vision: INR 172,000,000
  • Embraer Legacy 650E: INR 4,946,000,000

In India, several companies are offering under different prices because every jet facility is not the same. The starting cost of a Private Jet is 50 Million Dollars and when you increase facilities then it price will rise. Before buying you get permission from the government to buy because after buying you need to require a runway, pilot, and some other things. Further, private jets are divided into different categories like 20, 10, and 8-seaters. The updated prices of Private Jet in India 2023 are given below.

Private Jet Price in India 2023

Anyone who afford the expenditure of a Private Jet now asks for a price. Internal facilities, specs, features, and monthly costs are different. So, before choosing any model must check the per-month cost and then take a final decision.

Cirrus Vision ₹ 17.2 Crore
Embraer Legacy 650E ₹ 494.6 Crore

“Other Models Are”

Cessna Citation Variants Approx Price
CJ3+ ₹ 64.7 Crore
XLS+ ₹ 98.94 Crore
Sovereign+ ₹ 136.9 Crore

Right now these types of Private Jets are available in India and the prices mentioned which is approximate, not exact. Because govt duties are yet not included.

Private Jet Price in India 2023

Cost of Private Jet in India

  • Private Jet cost is different estimated at “INR 200 Million” but it depends on size, specs, condition, model, and some others.
  • So, we cannot give the exact figure of Private Jet cost.
  • Further, some international companies supply in India in used condition you can contact with them.
Private Jet Cost Above ₹ 200 Million

4 Seater Jet Price in India

  • The starting price of the 4-seater Jet is “₹ 39,50,0000″.
  • The cost of this plane is reasonable and the average person easily buys this plane but again we clear runway is necessary for landing and take off.
Cessna 172 Skyhawk ₹ 39,50,0000

Private Jet Price in India

Second Hand Private Jet Price in India

  • The starting price of a used jet is above “INR 20 Crore“.
  • Right now people are seeking the private jet price in Indian rupees but in Second Hand condition.
  • So, the price of the used place is different because it depends on the model and some other aspects.
Second Hand Private Jet Price Above 20 Crore

Which people Own Private Jet in India and what are Its Prices?

At this time, around 8 business Man exist in India who have bought different models of Private Jets for personal use. The starting price of Private Jet is INR 91.3 Crore to INR 650 Crore.

Name Jet Model Approx. Price
Mukesh Ambani Business Jet 2 INR 650 Crore
Naveen Jindal Gulfstream G650ER INR 527 Crore
Pankaj Munjal Falcon 8X INR 474 Crore
Adar Poonawalla Bombardier Global 7500 INR 400 Crore
Lakshmi Mittal Gulfstream G550 INR 315 Crore
Ratan TATA Dassault Falcon 2000 INR 224 Crore
Gautam Singhania Bombardier Challenger 604 INR 174 Crore
Kumar Mangalam Birla Cessana Citation INR 91.3 Crore

One thing is very clear private jets are not manufactured in India but many companies who belong to another country offer to deliver in India. On the other hand, some companies provide jets for rent but their charges yet not available. No doubt some richest people who come from India have bought a private jet and now using but people who are interested want to look at the price. Private jet price starts from ₹ 150 Million to ₹ 495 Million. Everybody cannot drive privately while only the pilot can run. So, if you buy a jet then need to require 2 to 3 pilots. Further, the Private Jet Price in India 2023 is discussed above.

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