Helicopter Price in India 2024 8, 4, 6, and 10 Seater

Everyone wants to buy a Helicopter but nobody knows about the Latest helicopter pricing trends. Right now in India 4 seater, 6 Seater, and 10 seater helicopters are available. People want to know Helicopter Price in India 2024 which started from “INR 37 Million to INR 799 Million“. The richest people and business community mostly travel by helicopter when they go to another state for a short time. At this time several companies offer helicopters at different prices. Basically, India is a big state and in the Bollywood industry filmmakers use it in movies so they are not interested in buying just take it on rent. These companies who offer applied for helicopters they offer on rent.

Helicopter Price in India 2024

Now the travel trend is going to change because people are moving from cars to helicopters and these days they are searching the price of 4, 6, and 10 seater Helicopters because only four models exist in India. Further, you can collect the Helicopter models and prices.

Model Price
4 Seater INR 37 Million
6 Seater INR 80 Million
8 Seater INR 160 Million
10 Seater INR 799 Million

8 Seater Helicopter Price in India

Right now in India majority of the people who afford helicopter price now seeking what is 8 Seater Helicopter price in India which is ₹160,000,000. Just 8 people sit in this helicopter.

8 Seater Helicopter Price in INR ₹ 160,000,000

8 Seater Helicopter Price in India

Cheapest 4 Seater Helicopter Price in India

Majority of the people like a four-seater Helicopter because it easily comes under affordability and its price is INR 36,000,000. Most important for flying Pilot is necessary because without you cannot take off even govt will not allow you to fly.

  • Only four people and two pilots can sit in this Helicopter.
  • People looking maximum range that does not exist.
  • Fuel tank size info is yet not available.

Cheapest 4 Seater Helicopter Price in India

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Helicopter 6 Seater Price in India

The business community who travel with their family prefer 6 seater Helicopter as well cost is INR 80,000,00 which is too much. Everybody cannot afford it because it’s flying expensive.

  • The starting price of 6 Seater Helicopter is INR 259 Million.
  • Its range is high but the official company has yet not declared.
  • For flying high quantity fuel is required.

Helicopter 6 Seater Price in India

10 Seater Helicopter Price in India

The price of 10 Seater Helicopter in India is approximately INR 77,900,0000 and this model is fully luxury while its interior room is too wide.

  • Its price starts from INR 799 Million.
  • Fully luxurious and loaded with different specs.
  • No flying range is available.

10 Seater Helicopter Price in India

Luxury Helicopter Price in Indian Rupees

The top luxury Helicopter price in Indian rupees is 100 Crore. In India, till now only single people exist who have bought this helicopter which is too luxurious and full fill with all facilities.

Luxury Helicopter Price in INR INR 10,0000,0000

One thing is very clear if you are interested in buying a Helicopter then firstly arrange a specific area for landing and takeoff. You cannot stand a Helicopter in every place because it requires a helipad which is made by some specific companies with the help of expert engineers.

Why Rich People are using Helicopters?

  • Basically, Rich people afford the expense of a Helicopter so thats why they use it in a normal routine.
  • Big business celebrities prefer Helicopters when they travel in the city but on long routes or distances.
  • In addition, Within a short time when you travel long but read as soon then Helicopter is the most preferable thing.

How Many Types of Helicopters in India and Its Prices?

Basically, the types of Helicopters but if we discuss in just India few types exist. In addition, most people like this type of Helicopter which comes with a seating capacity of 4 to 6 people. But the most important What is the Price of Helicopter in India? which is INR 37 Million to INR 799 Million. Its prices depend on its specs and features because the latest model helicopter is definitely expensive while some old ones will exist at a low price.

Model Price
H145 Turbine Engines INR 56,12,91,536
AW109 With double engine INR 41,35,83,237
AW109 With double engine INR 73,85,41,495
Euro Copter AS350B-3 INR 59,08,33,196
AW139 Double Engine INR 47,26,66,557

On the other hand, for a Helicopter you need to get permission from the government. Without permission, nobody can fly or use it because this is a law which has been imposed by the Indian government and when you buy then govt charges high duty. Further, the Helicopter Price in India 2024 is already mentioned above.

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