Troubleshooting and Repair Guide for Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds definitely provide great convenience and portability to the user due to their wireless characteristics. Although it has a good overall advantage, it is not all fine and dandy because there are flaws that you have to consider in using wireless earbuds before anything else. One of the most common issues that many Bluetooth earbuds are experiencing is one side of the accessory is not working while the other pair is working and charging perfectly fine. And if you indeed have these problems at the moment, then the short but informative blog I prepared for today is especially what you are looking for. In this blog, I will share with you the possible causes of why one side of the earpiece suddenly stops working, and then, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can fix the problem. So without any further delays, let’s get right into today’s discussion…

How to Fix if One Side of Earbuds is Not Working Properly

There are several things you can do first before you finally decide to bring them to the service center for repairs or replacement if it has a warranty. And the first fixes you can do on your own are as follows—

Try Recharging the Earpiece that isn’t Working

Firstly, it is possible that one of the earbuds has not been properly charged because the charging case does not have sufficient battery capacity as well. To solve the problem, you have to plug the charging case in the wall socket before you put back the earbuds to charge. Or, if it has sufficient battery, try to remove the earbuds first and put them back immediately.

Restart the Smart Device and/or Reboot the Earbuds

Unlike mobile applications, it is tricky to clear the bugs or cache that interfere with the wireless connection of the earbuds to the smart device you are using. But you can remove the bugs and cache in order for the device to clear the error. Another way you can do so is by rebooting the earbuds by putting the pair back in the charging case. Wait for a few minutes before you take them out. As a result, you should be able to hear from both sides of the earpieces.

If All Else Fails, Bring Them to the Service Center

You have to bring them to the service center for repairs if none of the fixes suggested in the previous section have worked. The earbuds might have obtained damages that need the assistance of an expert to fix it. It is also possible that the pair of earbuds that you have bought are defective. If the unit has a warranty and is still within the returnable period, then you can bring it to the shop where you bought it and have it replaced.

Final Thoughts

I hope the article I prepared has provided you with the necessary information you need about the common causes of why one side of the earbuds is not working. There are only a few reasons why it would stop working as mentioned, and it includes the piece not being set up properly or there is the presence of bugs or cache that is leading to errors. So the best fix available to you is to simply restart the smart device or the earbuds itself. But if nothing works, it is possible that the unit has been damaged or it is defective. Another solution to the problem is to buy a reliable and quality set of earbuds. And if you are not sure which brand to choose, then you have to check out Soundcore’s wide array of earbuds to choose from. The good news is they are currently offering black friday earbuds that allow you to avail of their high-end units without having to break the bank.

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