Top 5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Oncology Nursing Essay Writing

Top 5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Oncology Nursing Essay Writing

An Oncology nursing essay focuses on the procedures for assessing cancer patients’ mental, physical and emotional needs. They are related to the tasks and duties that nurses are responsible for fulfilling every day.

The oncology nursing profession has high job stability and offers great earning potential to students. The demand for oncology nurses has been growing a bit faster than the national average for job growth and per the reports of Nurse Journal, the job outlook is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% by 2029.

Although oncology nurses have more rewarding opportunities for employment, their jobs can be emotionally stressful for them. Sometimes the family members can also blame them for the negative outcomes for the patients such nurses cared for. So, oncology nurses face double the pressure of managing their academic responsibilities and professional duties.

What is Oncology Nursing?

Western Governors University defines this discipline as the field of healthcare that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of tumours. Oncologists are the doctors who work with cancer patients & such nurses are a major force in helping cancer patients.

What Is the Role of an Oncology Nurse?

The National Institutes of Health describes the role of oncology nurses in detail. It says that such nurses:

  • Review the treatment plans of patients with the oncologist doctors and surgeons
  • Are aware of the expected results and possible complications that a patient can face
  • Can assess the physical and emotional health status of a patient easily
  • Are better at managing symptoms and vital signs of problems and health issues faced by patients

What Are Some Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing Oncology Nursing Essays?

The Oncology Nursing Society currently has more than 35,000 members, Nurse Journal reports. Oncology nurses are expected to fulfil their educational responsibilities along with their professional duties, which is – honestly speaking, a tough experience. When a tired nurse sits down to write a detailed essay, he/she is prone to commit many mistakes.

Wondering how do nursing students maintain the pace of their academic progress then? Well, most of them seek help from nursingessay writing services. Professional writers have a penchant for crafting excellent nursing papers, and citing essays from various research papers and books.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when you are crafting your oncology nursing essay by yourself:

1. Choosing the Wrong Perspective

While it is understandable that you have to include some assumptions while working on your oncology nursing essays, all speculations should sound like the logical conclusions of your work.

Avoid using sentences that feel like you are expressing your personal opinions in the work. It would be best if you used third-person narration for your work.

2. Overlooking the Formatting Mistakes

The second mistake that you must avoid while crafting your oncology nursing essay is overlooking the formatting mistakes. Follow all the guidelines carefully and craft an outline that helps you go as per your requirements.

Once you have the outline in your hand, you shall be able to do your research and writing simultaneously without getting stuck in the process.

3. Passive and Active Voice

You should make strong statements in your essay that leave a drastic impact on your grades. When you write something in an active voice, you take responsibility for the text. It is a myth that you cannot use active voice in your papers, use it as much as you can but make sure that you have added enough evidence.

4. Essay Structure

You must not ignore the oncology nursing essay structure when you are crafting different sections of your work. All the chapters must be linked to each other and there should be no irrelevant paragraphs in your essays. If your university has provided you with writing guidelines, ensure you follow them while writing your papers.

5. Not Writing a Strong Introduction & Conclusion

Both the oncology nursing essay introduction & conclusion must be well-written so that it engages the attention of your readers. Do not craft these sections in haste, otherwise you shall end up committing a lot of mistakes in your work. Spend much time thinking about your essay and craft these sections with complete dedication.

If you feel confused while writing your essays on oncology nursing, get help from essay writing service experts and get the best combination to connect with your readers and audience. Connecting with the readers is important because other people should be able to benefit from your work.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be an Oncology Nurse? suggests that students get a Master’s degree in oncology as it makes it fairly easy for students to apply for nursing roles. To become registered, you shall have to complete an NMC-approved diploma or nursing degree first.

Oncology Nursing Essay Topics for 2024

A good topic marks the foundation of a good oncology essay. For your essay to be successful, it should be written on a trending research topic that is relevant to your field of study. Here are some oncology nursing essay ideas to consider when writing your essay in 2024:

  • How do you explain the comfort theory and relate its application to the field of oncology nursing? Elaborate in detail.
  • How can an oncology unit play an effective role in health care promotion programs by practising oncology nursing rules and regulations?
  • What is the difference between the treatments of patients with breast cancer from chemotherapy versus radiation? What are the steps to take in nursing practice when taking care of cancer patients?
  • What type of ethics should oncology nurses follow when working with patients with major health care concerns?
  • What is the significance of compassion fatigue in the nursing career of students who want to pursue a degree in nursing?

Oncology Nursing Essay Examples

Do you want a couple of examples of essays for oncology nursing? Here are some online examples of such essays that you can review to get a better comprehension of such nursing essays:

  1. Is there a high rate of depression in full-time oncology students and registered nurses? Discuss your answer in detail.
  2. What is the effectiveness of alternative therapies that are considered in nursing care? Explain in detail if there are any side effects.
  3. Describe in detail the ethical dilemmas that are related to patient safety and the decisions that are related to the improvement of their quality of life.


The bottom line is that you should avoid the pitfalls we have mentioned in this article when you are in the middle of the oncology nursing essay writing process. Make the content of your essay relevant to the topic you choose and ensure that there is a logical coherence in your work. The most important thing is that there should be no mistakes in your work once you are about to submit it.

Sometimes, oncology nursing students are so exhausted that they can hardly concentrate on the academic documents they have to craft during their bachelor’s degree. In such cases, the expert advice is that instead of crafting roughly written papers, you should gethelp with oncology nursing essays from credible sources. This makes it easy for students to manage their academic and professional responsibilities equally well.

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