Navigating Overseas Real Estate Ventures: Lessons in Due Diligence

In recent years, the allure of overseas real estate investments has captured the interest of Middle Eastern investors, particularly from the UAE and KSA. Among the numerous options available, Select Properties emerged as a beacon of promise, presenting projects like City Suites and Affinity Living Riverside. However, recent developments have dimmed the optimism surrounding these investments, offering a cautionary narrative for prospective investors.

Unmet Expectations and Financial Strain

Initially, investors were enticed by the promise of significant returns from projects like City Suites and Affinity Living Riverside. Select Properties marketed these ventures with the allure of profitable yields, resonating with the aspirations of investors seeking lucrative opportunities abroad. However, the reality has fallen short of expectations.

Investors from the Middle East, particularly those from the UAE and KSA, express dissatisfaction with the returns on their investments. They allege that Select Properties is imposing excessive management fees, substantially diminishing the anticipated yields from these projects. What was once viewed as a promising investment opportunity has now become a source of frustration and financial strain for many.

Complexity in Management Agreements

Complicating matters further are the intricate management agreements enforced by Select Properties. Laden with convoluted clauses and provisions, these contracts make it incredibly challenging for investors to navigate. Efforts to terminate or renegotiate these agreements face resistance, leaving investors feeling ensnared and disempowered.

The opaque nature of these management agreements not only impedes investors’ ability to oversee their investments but also raises concerns about transparency and accountability within Select Properties.

A Lesson in Vigilance

The plight of Middle Eastern investors serves as a cautionary tale for those considering overseas real estate investments. While the allure of promising returns may be tempting, it is essential to conduct comprehensive due diligence and exercise caution before committing to any investment opportunity.

Prospective investors are advised to scrutinise investment agreements meticulously, particularly concerning management fees and contractual obligations. Seeking guidance from legal or financial experts can help mitigate the risks associated with overseas investments.


Select Property‘s City Suites and Affinity Living Riverside projects, once viewed as lucrative investment prospects, have left many Middle Eastern investors disillusioned and financially strained. The imposition of excessive management fees and the complexity of management agreements have eroded the expected returns on these investments, underscoring the importance of diligence and caution in overseas investment endeavors.

As the narrative unfolds, it serves as a poignant reminder for investors to exercise prudence and vigilance when venturing into unfamiliar territories, lest they become ensnared by unmet promises and opaque practices.

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