Japanese Beer and Cuisine – Discovering the Perfect Food Matches for Your Favourite Brews

Japanese believe that drinking a glass of beer gives them an opportunity to strengthen their relationships. Cheers or kanpai in Japan develop a sense of unity. Most Japanese people think that beers with more foam have a better taste. But, why should you try out Japanese beer at least once in your life? 

The precision maintained by Japanese brewers for making craft beers is really unfathomable. Although they use local ingredients, the drinks have flawless consistency. Japanese craft beer is based on European styles. Nevertheless, it aims for a more balanced and refined version. 

However, to have the best experience while drinking Japanese beer, you have to pair it with yummy food.


The appetising Japanese dish is made from vegetables and seafood. You need to dip meat or fish in flour before deep-frying it. You may also dip thin slices of vegetables in your batter to create a vegan recipe. The finished fry will be thin and fluffy. The beer’s effervescence will pair well with flavoursome food.


As a mouth-watering Japanese pan-fried dumpling, Gyoza is available at specialty shops and grocery stores. This food is filled with veggies and meat. With thinner skin, gyoza has a crispy texture. Some people also use cabbage as fillings, as its leaves are hard and thick. Sprinkle some salt on the cabbage to allow dehydration. For seasoning, you can use sesame oil and soy sauce. The crispy exterior and savoury filling of gyoza contrast perfectly with the Japanese beer.


This is another Japanese cuisine prepared with immature soybeans. So, to cook this dish, you need to pick green soybean pods. With a salty taste, this dish gives you the best experience when you drink it with beer. Moreover, some people choose this dish as an appetiser to other alcoholic beverages. Edamame is also used as an ingredient for tempura and several other dishes.


If you love Japanese street food with Japanese beer, Okonomiyaki is the right choice. Its fillings mainly include pork belly and cabbage. The dish’s different ingredients complement the beer. Okonomiyaki is a 30-minute savoury pancake. Okonomiyaki sauce may be made using honey and tomato ketchup. So, sip Japanese beer and have a bite of Okonomiyaki.


Karaage is a famous Japanese food for those who love chicken-based recipes. The crispy, golden food is juicy inside. The flavours of the marinated items and the rich taste of chicken harmonise well with the carbonated drink. So, you can prepare this recipe and have a glass of Japanese beer. 

You will find a lot of choices while searching for Japanese beers. You may pair Japanese Asahi beer with different delectable dishes. The super dry beer has a refreshing and clean taste. Check the flavour profiles of the beer you have chosen. You can then decide on the best dishes to make your mealtime more enjoyable.

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