If you have inverter in your home or office, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata presents this blog for you!

In this fast-paced world, having electric power back up is a necessity for all offices and most home. This is why Best vastu consultant in Kolkata finds it in their responsibility to share vastu related information about it. 

In order to make sure that no important work is delayed due to the interruption of power supply. This is why the demand and purchase of inverters in on rise these days. Of course, you need to pay attention to the quality of the inverter before you purchase any randomly. But this is not all, you must also pay attention to its vastu needs, if you want to utilize it to its fullest.  

Importance of inverter vastu!

Inverters are expensive purchase and you cannot let take risk with its operation either. If you don’t take care of its safety and vastu needs, it can result in malfunction and other problems, says Best Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. 

After all, the inverter symbolizes the fire element in vastu. It is one of the Panchatatva elements in the nature, which comprises of fire, water, earth, space and air. You must set in perfect balance in vastu, otherwise it can end up causing some serious defect for the vastu and its occupants. 

We will shortly learn about the few zones that are compatible for its placement in vastu. We like to share the useful tip that the same guidelines can also be used for a heater or even a generator placement as they all represents the same element, fire. 

The good and bad zones for the inverter in vastu

Now its time to find out the good and bad zones in vastu in context of invertor. 

The inverter in the North East zone is considered very unsuited. This is the zone where the head of the vastu purush lies in. Thus, presence of inverter in here can deprive the residents of their peace of mind. Such occupants often suffer from causing confusions, clouded thoughts, short temperedness.

You must relocate it to a suitable zone, because Best vastu consultant in Kolkata consider this as a major defect and even they cannot fix it 100%. Similarly, if the inverter is present in the Brahmasthan then you need to change its placement as it too triggers a major defect and causes instability and stomach related issues. 

In the inverter is present in the East of North East zone, it can make having and recreation aspect difficult for the residents. Ultimately these people live in agony and frustration. 

It is okay to place the inverter in the East zone, which is sort of neutral for it. It does neither good nor bad for the occupants in terms of money and social connectivity. So, if nor good placement zone is free then you can use this one. 

The inverter if present in the East of South East zone will make you suffer from excessive thinking and over-analysing of all things. In addition, it can also result in having clashes and fights in the family.

You can place the inverter in the South East zone, which is the agnisthan of the vastu. Needless to say, this is the most suitable zone to keep it. You will have liquid money in flow and you can also recover your blocked payments, if needed. 

The inverter can also be place in the South of South East zone. This also represents fire zone and it offers both physical and mental strength along with power, and confidence for the occupants of the vastu. 

South is the last zone of fire in vastu and thus Best vastu consultant in Kolkata permits the inverter in here too. It will offer good sleep, relaxation, name, fame to the residents.

You should not keep the inverter in the South of South West zone, which will cause the residents to feel incompetent. Such households or business also go through in high expenditure. 

The inverter should not be present in the South West zone either as it also causes major defect. It has been linked with serious instability in relationships in the form of conflicts, instability and heated arguments. In business place it causes workplace conflict.

West of south west zone is not suitable for inverter placement because it is the zone of education and savings. Children in such families performs poorly in their exams even after giving best efforts. Also, the household or business makes poor savings. 

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata forbids inverter in the West zone. It can result in poor gains and profits to the occupants despite doing hard work.

The inverter present in the West of North West zone is considered good, since it will help you overcome depression and negative thoughts. In addition, it relieves the blocked emotions from your mind and empowers your to do well in life. 

Having an inverter in the North West zone will not let you get support from people when in need. It also makes it difficult to get banking assistance like getting a loan etc.

The inverter in the North of North West zone can bring conflict and sexual dissatisfaction between husband and wife in the family.

Having the inverter in the North zone block any new opportunity from reaching you. It will affect both serviceman and businessman alike.

Inverter present in the North of North East zone will cause lots of health complications and low immunity. Residents of such household will constantly need medicines to manage their health.

Try to avoid the zones that can trigger major defects for its residents. The vastu shastra takes many factors in account in order to offer perfect vastu for your property. Be it home or office area, you can always rely on the expertise of Vaastu Mangaal. 

We have the best Best vastu consultant in Kolkata for all your needs. You can get both residential and commercial vastu under one roof. We have basic package to advanced packages. Check out their individual features and select the one that is most suited for you. Contact the expert vastuvid at Vaastu Mangaal today.Description- Let us see why inverter vastu guidelines is considered important for the home and office property, with the help of Best Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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