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Gwa Calculator

In today’s era, students are facing numerous challenges one of which is the absence of a convenient method for calculating the General Weighted Average (GWA). Every student knows about the importance of calculating GWA so, not having a straightforward method to calculate it can be quite frustrating. Gwa is very crucial for present academics and future studies. Filipinos know very well about the importance of finding gwa. 

Imagine the convenience of having an easy online tool to calculate gwa. In the current time, technology play a significant role in education, so a user-friendly online Gwa Calculator make students lives easy by providing them with easy calculations within a minute. The solution has a positive impact on every student education because it enable them to understand their performance in every single subject. Just put some info then it calculate your gwa easily.

Primarily used in the Philippines, the GWA Excel calculator valuable tool for students who are seeking to know their strength and weakness in different subjects. They figure it out by weight which is given by the machine. Basically, weight is based on how many credits and units a class or subject has Gwa Up Calculator is a complete record of student performance.

What’s The GWA Calculator?

The Gwa calculator is specially designed for Philipines students because it’s a go-to solution for determining their gwa within a minute. Every student simplify the process of calculating academic performance. Enter the required information to calculate your General Weighted average (GWA) effortlessly & eliminate the need for a manual calculation system. It’s a valuable tool for every individual who is struggling to get a scholarship and admission.

The convenience of this calculator is available for every student whether you’re in high school, college, or university. This is the best tool for enhancing your educational journey. Grading system is widely used in the Philippines for determining academic performance at the college or university level. Required info for calculating gwa tell about how good you’re in overall class. Each subject has a weight so the heavy-weight subject is important in the whole semester.

The Gwa pisay calculator determine the gwa and tell that the tougher & major subjects are more weight than others, so it’s easier to read when you know where to spend your extra time. Similarly, students of the lower class don’t get more weight in subjects, but the upper-class subjects get more weight. Basically, it’s a way to find how well you are doing in your whole degree. The unique approach is a fair representation of every student efforts.

How To Use The Online GWA Calculator?

No matter if are currently in high school, college, university, or an alumnus you can calculate your gwa easily. A calculator is a comprehensive record of every student performance, improvement, and achievement. So simply follow the straightforward instructions to calculate the gwa from the online tool.

Identify Your Educational Level

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the educational journey, the calculator is here to assist you the right way. Firstly put the info about your current educational level such as high school, college, university, or if you are graduated. It’s a beneficial process for all academic levels.  

Access The Calculator

Check out the user-friendly tool for further process because when you already go through some process then it’s convenient for again process. Without any complication, it’s a suitable tool for every individual student with different levels of formalities.

Input Your Class & Course Detail

While using the tool enter your class and course detail correctly. Information including course name, the grade you achieve in the previous class, and credit units. All info is crucial for obtaining the correct gwa.

Click On the Calculate Button

After entering all the correct detail in the Gwa calculator click on the calculate button. The tool process the detail that you provide and within a minute your gwa appear on your screen. The quick process eliminate the need for manual calculation and complex steps. 

Review Your GWA

Look at the gwa which is displayed on the screen, it’s a mini report card to improve your knowledge and marks. When you’re calculating after completing the session then your achievements and efforts give you a pleasant surprise. 

                           Example For How To Calculate The Gwa

  • Let’s suppose a student want to calculate the three subjects gwa, Mathematics, history & science. Each subject has a different weight like mathematics(4), History(3), and science(2).
  • Then assume the subject grade so the history grade is A-, science B, and mathematics A.
  • The numerical value for each grade is A- (3.7), B(3.0), and A(4.0).
  • Now multiplayer each numerical grade by required weight.
  • Mathematics: 4.0 * 4 = 16.0
  • Science: 3.0 * 2 = 6.0
  • History: 3.7 * 3 = 11.1
  • Next, sum up all the results which is equal to 33.1.
  • Finally, divide the sum by the total weight of all subjects.
  • 33.1/9 = 3.68
  • Therefore the total gwa of all subjects is 3.68.


Gwa calculator is an online tool designed to help students calculate grades according to the credits and units of their class and semester. Figure out your overall subject-based result in every class. The specific weight of each subject is a key to better performance because the calculator give weight to each subject according to the importance. By using the online calculator you don’t only save time but also there’s no error in calculation. The user-friendly tool is best for your academic performance.


Do we calculate GWA for free?

Yes, freely use the calculator without any disturbance. Any time you need to see your performance you can put your previous result and weight to see your grades.

What is the difference between GWA and GPA?

Filipino students use GWA to weigh subjects differently based on the subject importance, while GPA uses a fixed 4.0 scale with numerical values.

What‘s the benefit of calculating GWA?

After calculating GWA you can easily know which subject is essential or which is not. And you can know about how you perform in your whole session.


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