Dwarka Water Park Nagpur Ticket Price 2023

From May to September, due to the hot weather, people enjoy going to Water Parks for fun. If you’re looking for a park that offers unlimited water rides, Dwarka Park is the place to be. The Dwarka Water Park Nagpur Ticket Price 2023 is INR 700 for young people and INR 500 for kids. With one ticket, you can experience the Water Park, amusement park, and Adventure Park. Additionally, they have introduced packages that include food. Before purchasing any package, be sure to check the prices for Veg and Non-Veg options, as they differ.

Dwarka Water Park Nagpur Ticket Price 2023

The management of Dwarka Water Park has divided the park into distinct sections such as the Water Park, Adventure, and Amusement. A single-ticket price is applicable for all departments, eliminating the need for separate tickets. The per-person ticket price for Dwarka Water Park is listed below.

Children INR 500 INR 999 INR 200
Gents and Ladies INR 700 INR 1020 INR 220

Dwarka Water Park

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Dwarka Water Park Packages

Currently, there are two packages available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. Each package has its own distinct offerings. The prices for all packages are provided.


People who wish to enjoy a full day at Dwarka Water Park prefer a package that includes breakfast, lunch, and tea & coffee. According to customer feedback, is the park administration considering introducing a Veg Package for vegetarian individuals?

Male and Female INR 1100
Children INR 800

People who are non-vegetarian and enjoy chicken food items can purchase this package for entertainment at the Water Park and other attractions. The package price varies for kids and young people. Additionally, you can check the official webpage to see the facilities available under this package.

Male and Female INR 1200
Children INR 1000

Dwarka Water Park Nagpur Ticket Price 2023

Open and Close Timing

The opening and closing times of Dwarka Water Park have been determined by the management. The park is open from Monday to Sunday and remains closed according to the schedule.

Open Time 10:00 AM
Close Time 06:00 PM

Address | Location

People interested in enjoying this summer season at Dwarka Water Park should now gather details regarding the address. Additionally, if you encounter difficulty finding this address, simply click on the map below.

Address Saoner Road, Near Waki Darbar Patansaongi, Nagpur

Contact Number

Feel free to contact the customer care helpline to obtain information if you need to inquire before visiting Dwarka Water Park. Sometimes, people ask for additional information that does not exist on this page.

Contact Number 91- 7720095100

In the territory of Nagpur, Dwarka is the best point for enjoyment, especially if you come with family. People interested in adventure activities can now try the adventure park of Dwarka and enjoy thrilling activities.

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