Is Dedicated Server a Good Choice for Online Streaming?

A good server is very important in the world of online streaming to ensure your videos play well across all parts of the globe. The topmost hosting provider offer dedicated server india for delhi locality at low cost with 10gbps bare metal services. Dedicated Server Hosting is the most powerful form of website hosting which has been specifically designed for managing all your video hosting and streaming requirements. A Dedicated Server allows you to control precisely how you want your videos shared with the audience. Let’s find out!

What dedicated server features are essential for online streaming?

The following are some of the very basic features that a Dedicated Server provides you with, which are in line with your requirements for content hosting and streaming.


As Dedicated Servers are hosted in a data center environment, you get access to unlimited bandwidth for streaming. Nestled at the heart of germany, rent managed server hosting that combines leading-edge managed dedicated technology with unmatched trustworthiness. Remember that Dedicated Servers bandwidth is usually allocated in TB. despite the fact that different hosting providers have their own servers and specifications.

Server Control

Dedicated Server Hosting provides you with full control over the operation and configuration of your server, all in an isolated environment. You may also modify your hardware specifications and even install the OS of your choice. It is, therefore, no surprise that Dedicated Servers are loved by advanced web developers. In this case, you also decide what media server software to use. referring to third party software applications that are preloaded with simple live streaming functionalities and recording features.

Server Security

With your Dedicated Server, you are the only one who has access to that server and therefore no-one else is sharing it with. This implies no software vulnerabilities or malicious configurations that could compromise your data. This enables you to optimize any features that are required for the particular needs of your website and stored files. Yes, you are responsible for the implementation of these features finally this is what flexibility with Dedicated Server means.

Data Storage

A video or an audio cannot be streamed before it is read from a file on disk? In this type of situation, the amount of disk data storage on your server is very significant because it indicates how much room you have for files. As applications grow to be bigger, the storage space needed is also increased; however, most Dedicated Servers use SSDs with HDDs used for backups.

New Dedicated Servers are equipped with Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe), a modern storage protocol that works together with solid state drives to increase input/output speed and significantly widen the data bandwidth. NVMe was developed from the ground up and leverages the performance, low latency, and parallelism that SSDs offer. This increases the workload of your Dedicated Server in a shorter time, thereby providing 2X faster speeds to website visitors.

DedicatedCore: The Best Dedicated Server Provider

DedicatedCore is the best option for streaming online. DedicatedCore provides high-quality dedicated server solutions that guarantee seamless and continuous streaming. DedicatedCore, with its emphasis on simplicity and reliability, is the best provider in this market.

Their dedicated servers are tailored for streaming, ensuring high efficiency and reliability. Whatever your live event broadcasting, video-on-demand hosting, or streaming platform operation needs, DedicatedCore has you covered.

Say goodbye to buffering and lag – DedicatedCore’s servers are ready for any streaming need, regardless of how extreme it is. Also, their user-friendly interface makes it convenient to manage your streaming services effectively. DedicatedCore guarantees smooth streaming for your audience, making their viewing pleasure complete.

Main features of DedicatedCore’s dedicated server for online streaming.

Here are the key features that make DedicatedCore’s Dedicated Server stand out:

●      24/7 Availability:

With DedicatedCore’s dedicated servers, you can manage your online streaming platform anytime. This implies that you and your audience can always use it uninterruptedly. It is always on, so people can watch your streams no matter where they are or when they want to see them.

●      Better High Control Resources:

With DedicatedCore, you have the freedom to choose how your server resources are utilized which is ideal for streaming online. You don’t have to bother about sharing with others, so you can use all the power, space and internet speed only for streaming. This ensures that your streams are always running well and look nice for the audience.

●      Better Support:

DedicatedCore’s customer support is very beneficial for online streaming. If you have any issues with technology, setting up your server or improving the quality of streams their support team is always ready to help. They ensure that any problems are resolved promptly, thus ensuring your viewers continue watching without interruptions.

●      Low Latency:

The low latency is very critical for online streaming as viewers can watch without any interruptions. On the DedicatedCore servers, they configure internet connections to be super fast so your videos reach viewers within a short time. This ensures that watching streams is seamless and people are more satisfied to use your platform.

●      Maximum Network Speed:

DedicatedCore’s servers are the fastest ones and, what is more important for online streaming, they have unlimited bandwidth. The fast links ensure your videos reach the viewers in a timely and smooth manner. And with infinite bandwidth, there are no limits on data nor does slowing down occur when many people watch your streams.

●      Smooth Management:

It is easy to manage your online streaming platform with DedicatedCore’s servers. They provide you with a basic control panel, and tools to configure your server, monitor its performance and use resources more efficiently. This ensures that your streaming is optimized regardless of whether many people are watching at the same time or when it’s extremely busy.

●      Affordable Pricing:

With DedicatedCore, you get top-notch servers at reasonable rates without compromising quality. This implies that it is cheap for streaming sites to use their servers, thereby allowing you to utilize your resources efficiently without spending much money. By using DedicatedCore, you can offer your viewers an excellent streaming experience without breaking the bank and thus make a much better value proposition for your service.

●      Easy-to-Use Server:

The servers that have been developed by DedicatedCore are meant for easy use and anyone can make use of them, whether you’re an expert streamer or just a beginner. They are also easy to install and they have a simple interface that you can use in managing your streaming platform. This, in turn, implies that you can invest more of your time on developing cool videos and communicating with viewers without the need to know anything about servers.


To conclude, the best choice for online streaming is DedicatedCore’s Dedicated Server. It provides quick streaming, and no interruptions; you can set your own amount of internet required, it is very safe and secure for use at any time as per need arises from the user end. DedicatedCore ensures your streaming is always seamless and viewers can enjoy without any hiccups whether it’s for live events or content that they watch later.

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