5 Bike Rack For Suv: The Best Bike Rack To Hold 5 Bicycle

When it comes to transporting bikes on your SUV, having the right bike rack can make all the difference. SUV owners understand the importance of versatile and secure bike racks that accommodate various bike types. This article will explore five exceptional bike racks designed for SUVs, focusing on the VelociRAX 5X vertical hitch bike rack.

VelociRAX 5X – The Ultimate Bike Rack

At the forefront of the list is the VelociRAX 5X, a vertical hitch bike rack that stands out from the competition. This rack has been ingeniously designed to easily hold up to five bikes, making it an excellent choice for families and avid cyclists. Here is more detail about 5 bike rack for suv: 

Bike Compatibility

One of the standout features of the VelociRAX 5X is its 15-inch spacing between tire baskets. This thoughtful design allows you to fully load drop handlebar bikes, such as road bikes, all at once. This is particularly crucial for those needing to transport multiple road bikes efficiently.

Versatile Spacing for All Bike Types

The 15-inch spacing also provides flexibility when loading bikes with flat handlebars, such as mountain bikes. Whether you have a mix of road bikes and mountain bikes or want the option to transport various bike types, the VelociRAX 5X has got you covered.

Accommodating a Range of Bikes

The VelociRAX 5X isn’t just limited to road and mountain bikes. It’s also designed to accommodate beach cruisers and tri-bikes. The spacious design and well-thought-out spacing make it the perfect choice for those with a diverse collection of bikes. Whether hitting the beach or racing in a triathlon, this rack ensures your bikes travel securely and comfortably.

Smooth and Steady Drive

One of the primary concerns when transporting bikes on a rack is stability during the drive. The VelociRAX 5X’s generous spacing provides the room needed for a smooth and steady drive. No more worrying about bikes clashing against each other or becoming damaged in transit. This rack ensures your bikes remain secure throughout your journey.

User-Friendly Features

VelociRAX 5X doesn’t just excel in bike compatibility and spacing; it also comes packed with user-friendly features. The ease of installation and use sets it apart from many other bike racks. You don’t need a seasoned cyclist or mechanic to install and operate this rack efficiently.

Patent-Pending Design

VelociRAX 5X is proud to boast a patent-pending design. This speaks to the innovation and uniqueness of this bike rack. Its cutting-edge design ensures your bikes are secure and your SUV is protected from any potential damage during transport.


When choosing the right bike rack for your SUV, the VelociRAX 5X vertical hitch bike rack stands out as a top choice. Its ability to hold up to five bikes, accommodate a wide range of bike types, and provide generous spacing between tire baskets make it an ideal companion for any cycling adventure. The peace of mind that your bikes will arrive at your destination safely and securely is priceless. Upgrade your SUV with the VelociRAX 5X and enjoy a hassle-free biking experience.

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