Jawed Habib Price List 2023 Haircut, Hair Spa, Keratin Treatment

In seven different cities in India, Jawed Habib Salon has opened with distinct services for males and females. Recently, they updated the prices of all their products, which is why everyone is now looking for the Jawed Habib Price List for 2023. Furthermore, in which cities does Jawed Habib Salon exist? In these cities—Patna, Kolkata, Durgapur, Delhi, Gorakhpur, Nashik, and Bangalore—Jawed Habib Salon offers the same services and prices.

Jawed Habib Price List 2023

The most popular services of Jawed Habib are Haircut, Hair Spa, and Keratin Treatment. For audience knowledge, the latest prices of these services are now listed below.

Jawed Habib Haircut Price List

If you decide to cut your hair then must visit the Jawd Habib because firslty its prices are reasonable. Secondly, the price depends on your age which is given below.

Male INR 299
Female INR 499
Under 12 Year Baby Girl INR 299
Under 12 Year Baby Boys INR 199

Jawed Habib Hair Spa Price

Now, Jawed Habib is best for Hair Spa because, for males and females, they offer different prices. Both prices are now given below.


Hair Spa INR 799


Upto Shoulder INR 1199
Below Shoulder INR 1499
Upto Waist INR 1699

Jawed Habib

Jawed Habib Keratin Treatment Price List

If your hair is damaged and you want to do Keratin Treatment then Jawed Habib is offered separately for men and women. Below updated prices.


Crown Area INR 3999
Upto Neck INR 4499


Above Shoulder INR 6499
Below Shoulder INR 7499
Waist INR 7999

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Jawed Habib Bridal Makeup Price List

Now discount prices are available at Jawed Habib salon for bridal. All services prices are affordable. Before the visit must check the Jawed Habib bridal makeup price.

Wedding Makeup

Classic INR 9499
Premium INR 11499


Classic INR 4999
Premium INR 5999

“Party Make-Up”

Classic INR 1999
Premium INR 2999

“Groom Make-Up”

Price INR 2999

Salons offer a myriad of benefits beyond mere aesthetics. Firstly, they provide a sanctuary for self-care and relaxation, promoting mental well-being. Skilled professionals deliver personalized treatments, enhancing confidence and self-esteem. Hair and skin care routines are tailored to individual needs, fostering overall health. Salons are also hubs of community, allowing clients to socialize and connect.

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