A Complete Guide to Application and Evolution for Emirati Passport in the UAE

The Emirati passport is highly valued and well regarded around the world. Emirati passport is termed as one of the best passports globally. Nevertheless, it offers the citizens of UAE to freely travel and roam around the different countries. UAE passport is globally recognized all over the world due to its prestigious position. It is ranked number one in the passport index in the year 2023.  The UAE passport holders can travel to around over 179 countries and nations. Moreover, there are approximately 132 destinations that offer visa free travel to UAE passport holders on arrival. Learn more about the subject by considering the meeting appointment with Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants.

The success of powerful passports accredited to the initiatives taken by the UAE passport Force. This further explores how UAE nationals can apply for the new or renewal of the passport. Moreover, it delves into the evolution of the Emirati passport over the years. Applying for the UAE Passport is quite simple and straightforward. Furthermore, the citizens or the residents of UAE have several convenient options available in the country. 

Besides, e-Channels Residency and Citizenship portal are also a primary channels for such services. Validity of Passports has a time tenure attached to it. Typically, any person who wants to have an Emirati passport will be valid for five years or until all pages are utilized. Once the passport expires, the citizens need to apply for a new passport in the UAE.

There are some crucial documents needed for the application of the passport in the UAE. All the Applicants should submit the essential documents. Furthermore, the passport renewals require the submission of the old passport in addition to above mentioned documents. Not everyone can apply for Passport in the UAE. According to the Dubai Government, the citizens of the UAE, newborns in UAE citizens along with foreign wives who are dependent can apply. They are all eligible to apply for passports in the UAE.

There are a number of laws and rules regarding passport issuance that have an essential role to play. It assists in the protection of the rights and interests of individuals and especially the children. In particular, the child custody disputes and parental consent cases are addressed under the laws in the UAE. There is a sound legal framework in the UAE that addresses the laws. The law is called ‘Wadeema Law’.  Federal Law and Federal Decree-Law on Civil Personal Status describe precisely about the passport issuance laws.

Nonetheless, the law outlines the rights and responsibilities of father, mother, guardians, and custodians regarding the passport.  They deal with passport issuance, travel, child custody, and much more. The Emirati e-Passport is also an opinion that is issued by The Ministry of Interior. They are responsible to issue the Emirati e-Passport once after meeting all the international standards.

As over time, technology has advanced, the passport underwent some changes. Now the passport includes a microchip on the last page. It contains the encrypted biometric data with intent to prevent fraud or forgery. Nevertheless, the first page also features a watercolor outline of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. On the other hand, the last page depicts a drawing of the actual mosque with the beautiful domes and columns.

With time, evolution of the Emirati Passport took place which portrays the unity of 7 emirate states. The passport has undergone some serious changes since its inception in 1972. For the Emiratis, it is not just a passport to travel globally. It is said to be a travel document along with an identity and recognition. Nevertheless, it represents the rich history, culture, tradition, and progression of the United Arab Emirates as a country.

UAE offers a convenient application process to its citizens. Besides, it has earned global recognition that is a pride in itself. Nonetheless, the evolution of the passport design makes it state-of-the-art, unique and modern. Emirati citizens can take pride by holding it. It is one of the world’s most powerful passports in the world. UAE continues to strive for excellence and brilliance, and eminence in the region. The passport remains a symbol of nation’s pride, global standing, transcendence, and commitment to technological advancements.

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